Hi, this is my home - glad you found it!

Here you you will find past and present projects I am currently working on so be sure to take a good look around.

My work is heavily influenced by the abstract expressionists and artists such as Pollack, Rothko, Kandinsky, Mondrian and many more.

I am a producer/painter/performer/crafter and oh so many other things. But most importantly I love art & design and have been practicing for over 10 years, mainly in Melbourne. I studied Fine Art at Monash University and Creative Arts Industries at Victoria University. I've helped curate/feature/produce in such events as Dead House Walking (2010), Into the Red: Festival (2011), Aphrodite’s Bordello – Melbourne Fringe Festival (2012) ,Two Pound Parlour (2013) andwear ART thou exhibition 2014. I am also the Residency Manager at Redbubble producing theirMade In House pop-up shops twice a year. I recently finished my first ever solo show CORNERS at No Vacancy Project Space 2016.

ANYWAY… I dabble, i’m a bit of a dabbler. Who doesn't like to dabble in the arts every now and again! So here you will find some of my;

• photography
• original paintings/sketches
• design work – illustrations
• craft
• quotes and written work

I really hope you enjoy what I have put together here and remember all designs and products you see here are available to buy from the online stores found above. I am also available for freelance work so drop me a line anytime if you have something special in mind.

Thanks again for visiting & enjoy – tell your friends, visit me on social media and please visit again soon!